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Kate and Tim are one of those great stories. They ended up buying the first house we saw together– the same house they showed me online during our first meeting as an example of their favorite style. The property had gone under agreement earlier that day, but I reached out to the listing agent and asked him to let us know if for any reason the deal fell apart. We got lucky! The other buyer got cold feet, and the offer we sent over was accepted. Talk about a happy ending!

Kate and Tim love living in Waltham, and when we got together recently, they talked all about how effective they feel the local government is, that they are able to see their tax dollars hard at work, and that Mayor McCarthy is, in their opinion, a great leader . They also love how walkable their section of Waltham is, and how they can get to some of their favorite restaurants on foot in under ten minutes. They’ve been enjoying awesome community events like Waltham Day, Riverfest, and the Steampunk Festival, and are regulars at the Farmer’s Market.

If you’ve been searching for a single family home, but have found nearby communities like Watertown and Belmont a little pricey, Waltham is a great place to look. I’d be happy to show you around!

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