9 Magnolia Avenue in Cambridge: CLOSED!


I’m celebrating clients who were referred to me last fall. We spent nearly a year together find and then winning them a fantastic home in this tough Cambridge market. They closed today!

Kind words from a seller


It is no small thing for me to receive words like these from clients of mine. Thank you, Joe and Octavia, for this incredible review!

“Lizzy is a phenomenal person, the utmost in professionalism and a top-notch real estate agent. My wife and I listed our condo in Belmont with her, and she guided us thoughtfully and masterfully every step of the way. Even though she had other clients, she worked so hard for us and was so available, it felt as if we were her only listing. She helped us navigate the whole home buying/selling process, even offering advice on the buy side, which we were doing on our own with a FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Not only was Lizzy a knowledgeable expert, she was also a calming voice whenever we needed a little reassuring. In the end, we got a great price for our property and couldn’t be happier with our experience.”

An anniversary visit



Julianne and Alex’s search for a new home spanned the better part of a pregnancy and a good chunk of Hayden’s infancy. Having explored Belmont, Lexington, Cambridge, Winchester, Arlington, Melrose, they eventually landed in Boston’s Jamaica Plain– an unexpected twist!

“Leaving Cambridge was hard. We felt really connected to our neighborhood and to the City itself after living there, in the same neighborhood, for 9 years. With all the ups and downs in the home buying process, I think we felt like we would settle in a place that was one of many we could see ourselves in. After the first visit to the house on Furnival Road, we knew we were meant to live here, and we haven’t looked back. JP is an amazing community and the City of Boston as a lot of amazing municipal services that were not even on our radar. We are much more connected to the City than we could have expected.”

Like many young couples, Julianne and Alex were transitioning from their first home, a condo in a more urban setting, to a single-family home in a quieter neighborhood where they hoped to lay roots. “When we lived in Cambridge, we felt like stewards of our condo, protecting its value for our sale and for the next owner. This really feels like our house and we have been making decisions that make the house more ours – adding the fireplace, adding funky cabinets in the kitchen, filling the pond with stones to make it more kid friendly – these are all changes we’ve made just for us.”

Julianne and Alex were able to buy their home at the asking price and without competition after the property spent a couple of weeks on the market. (Truthfully, we were surprised we got so lucky. The house is on a darling side street, and is as cute as a button with a great back yard!) In 2015, single family homes in JP sold for an average of just 1% over the asking price. As of November 2016, they are selling for even closer to the asking price.

If you are interested in finding your perfect spot in JP, please be in touch. I would be honored to support you!

Kind Words from a Buyer

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Torey and I worked together for many months before she had an accepted offer on a perfect first investment property. We had a great time throughout the process, and her review of the experience made my day!

“Working with Lizzy was such a wonderful experience! She was referred to me by coworkers that had worked with her previously and she was everything (and more!) they promised she would be. As a first time home buyer, Lizzy listened to what I was looking for in a property, drove me around to see condos that fit my needs, and always sent me listings of interest. She never pressured me to buy anything and assured me the right property would come along after two unaccepted offers. And boy did it! I highly recommend Lizzy — she is a consummate professional who really knows her stuff! She was a dream to work with from start to finish.”

25 Dover Street in Cambridge: CLOSED!

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IMG_1029-2This renovated single family home in Cambridge near Davis Square was everything our buyers had been searching for. We are wishing them many happy years there!

15 Francis Street in Belmont: NEW TO MARKET!

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This freshly painted classic two-bedroom condo is located on a tree-lined side street in a terrific Belmont location with easy access to vibrant Belmont Center, Cushing and Waverly Square shops and restaurants. The nearby Harvard Square bus line and Waverly commuter rail stops will make your commute a cinch. Wood floors, built-in dining room hutch, and newer windows are a few of the lovely features. Enjoy a back porch that overlooks the charming fenced yard.  There is plenty of room for storage in the basement with the washer and dryer that come with the unit. Two off-street parking spaces are the cherry on top. Welcome home!

For more information and additional photos, please visit 15FrancisSt.com.

Price: $375,000
Sq/Ft: 991
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Parking: 2 Off-street spaces

Open houses this weekend:
Friday, April 29 6-7 PM
Saturday, April 30 12-1:30 PM
Sunday, May 1 12-1:30 PM

The view to Saint Mark’s Church

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Saint Mark’s Church was converted into loft-like condominiums in the 1980s. It stands in interesting contrast to its next door neighbor 70/80 Park Street, a mid-century high rise condominium association, and the location of my client’s home inspection last week.

I love showing and selling property in Brookline. If you are interested in seeing, selling, or buying property in Brookline, please be in touch!

Big love for Jamaica Plain

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When I met Jen and Adam, they were newlyweds searching for a home where they would start their life and a family together. The competition and rising prices in Somerville and Cambridge were discouraging, so we added Jamaica Plain (JP) to the search. Jen and Adam were inspired by the gentler price points, the gorgeous green spaces, and the great neighborhood feeling that JP offers, and had an accepted offer in no time!

They’ve been in their home for nearly two years now, and when I visited a couple months back, they took me on a tour of the gorgeous improvements they’ve made– including the world’s sweetest nursery. Jen and Adam love their easy commute, the mix of suburban and city living, and how easily they can walk to Centre Street for good eats. JP was the right choice for them!

JP has experienced the same rising prices as other areas of Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. The average sale price of condos was 9% higher in 2015 than in 2014 when Jen and Adam closed. (Based on sold data from the Multiple Listing Service.) More condos were sold in 2015 than in 2014 (34, to be exact), but at a price per square foot 13% higher.

Don’t be discouraged!  Patience, a strategic plan, and my support as your buyer agent will help get you closer to dreamy walks through the Arboretum and picnics by the pond. Please reach out. I’m here to help!


Buyer Agent: A VERY GOOD IDEA!

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The truth is that real estate agents are no longer the gatekeepers to information about available properties and open houses. That said, it’s still a VERY good idea to work with a buyer agent on your search for the perfect place to land, and here’s why:

It’s true! In our market, the seller pays both sides of the commission. So, why not allow yourself a strong advocate and ally in the buying process? (There’s always an exception. Properties “For Sale By Owner” might not offer a buyer agent commission– but we don’t see that very often!)

As your buyer agent I will help you understand home values in the markets where you are searching. (Looking in Cambridge, Melrose, and Marblehead simultaneously? No problem!) At any time I am able to provide comparative market analysis (CMA), an essential a tool for comparing list prices against sold prices on properties in the same neighborhood or nearby.

Tell-tale signs of  problems will stand out to me when we’re at a property. Together we will talk through whether what we see means that you move on to the next property, do a pre-offer home inspection, or make an offer and do an inspection once your offer is accepted.

Buying a home can be emotional, and part of my role is to advise and support you in staying on track to buy a home that meets the criteria you so carefully laid out. Once you have an accepted offer, I will support and guide you through the home inspection process and be on hand to answer any questions that pop up between your accepted offer and the closing– and even after that!

I’ve written dozens of offer contracts and will take you through the document line by line. We will work together on a contingency strategy if you’re in competition for the property, and I will present an organized, polished offer packet that inspires confidence in the seller so that you have the very best shot at getting the property.

Whether it’s at the time of offer or after the home inspection, I will represent you well in the negotiation and do everything in my power to get you what feels fair and right in the deal.



326 Broadway, Unit 8 in Somerville: CLOSED!

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Somerville Closing

Torey bought a great two bed/one bath condo with parking in Somerville– the first in her investment portfolio. I’m excited for this vibrant, wonderful young woman! What a great way to wrap things up before the holiday!!

A good house is worth the wait

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I worked with Rose and Ken for nearly a year on their search for just the right single family home on the east side of Cambridge. Some searches take a long time, and part of my role is helping buyers remember that it’s better to wait for the right property (if the timeline allows) than to jump at the first thing– unless that first thing is “THE” thing.

Thanks to Rose and Ken for this fantastic review!

“We had a wonderful experience working with Lizzy! Buying a home can be quite daunting, but with Lizzy to help us navigate through it all, it seemed to go very smoothly. Lizzy is very knowledgable ab out the housing market and guided us through every step of the process. We found her to understand our needs and to help find our dream home. We highly recommend Lizzy!” 

Welcome to Waltham!

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IMG_7087 IMG_7095-whitefix

Kate and Tim are one of those great stories. They ended up buying the first house we saw together– the same house they showed me online during our first meeting as an example of their favorite style. The property had gone under agreement earlier that day, but I reached out to the listing agent and asked him to let us know if for any reason the deal fell apart. We got lucky! The other buyer got cold feet, and the offer we sent over was accepted. Talk about a happy ending!

Kate and Tim love living in Waltham, and when we got together recently, they talked all about how effective they feel the local government is, that they are able to see their tax dollars hard at work, and that Mayor McCarthy is, in their opinion, a great leader . They also love how walkable their section of Waltham is, and how they can get to some of their favorite restaurants on foot in under ten minutes. They’ve been enjoying awesome community events like Waltham Day, Riverfest, and the Steampunk Festival, and are regulars at the Farmer’s Market.

If you’ve been searching for a single family home, but have found nearby communities like Watertown and Belmont a little pricey, Waltham is a great place to look. I’d be happy to show you around!

Considering a multi?

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Davis Square

I lived with friends in the top two floors of this two-family house on Simpson Avenue in Davis Square, Somerville in 1994. The rent was $250 a month per person– inconceivable in today’s market! I enjoyed the experience so much, I considered buying a multi-family home of my own. The upsides were obvious: rental income and flexible living space (in other words, I could reclaim parts of the rental unit over time if I needed to). Plus, down the road if I decided to move on to a single family home, I would have a strong investment in place for the long haul. Truth is, the ROI (return on investment) is different with each multi family depending upon the condition of the property, what improvements you choose to make, how strong the rental market is (ours is strong), and how long you will hold the property. Though many of the two and three-family houses in nearby markets have been bought and converted to condos, I can help you find one of the really great ones still to be had.

Big Apple Field Trip

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gibson sotheby'sGibson Sotheby'sIMG_8397-2IMG_8421-2 IMG_8410-2 IMG_8405-2

Our office was treated to an incredible grown up-style Big Apple field trip. The first stop was Stella Tower, a gorgeous Art Deco building where two of our colleagues from Sotheby’s East Side Manhattan Brokerage showed us three stunning condominiums including a penthouse with a view of the city that gave me genuine goosebumps. Next we were swept off to Sotheby’s auction house where the collected works of A. Alfred Taubman were being sold. Our private tour included paintings by many of my favorites including Chagall, Modigliani, and Picasso. It was a day rich with great company and tremendous beauty.

Magical & Near Harvard

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cambridge single family

This Colonial Rivival gambrel at Harvard’s edge is magical and new to the market. The seven bedrooms and six fireplaces were something to behold, but my favorite part was the built-in bookcases in the two upper hallways that added a lovely layer of cozy.

Did he just say “flying splice”?

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Home Inspector

You’ve got an accepted offer on a GREAT new place. Congratulations! One of the next steps is hiring a home inspector to spend several hours pointing out everything that is wrong with this property while you follow him or her around trying to remember what a flying splice is, or the difference between a boiler and a furnace. Be easy on yourself. Homeownership comes with a whole new language, and your inspector may be your first (and best!) instructor. Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions during the inspection, and if you have further questions once you’ve received the written report, a good inspector will take time to answer those by phone or e-mail.

Well, that was fun!

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Gibson|Sotheby’s was a proud sponsor of the 51st Head of the Charles, and we spent a glorious weekend in the Director’s Tent at the Elliot Bridge stretch of the course. What an experience! PS: The geese were unregistered participants.

Change is good

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I am delighted to announce that I have joined Gibson|Sotheby’s new Cambridge office, and true to my entrepreneurial spirit, will be starting there as an independent sales agent. Though I will no longer be an official part of the Lindsay Allison & Lisa May team, we will continue our work together through shared clients and the desire to collaborate as we do so well. It was my great fortune to have two accomplished, talented agents as mentors, and I am honored to call them my friends. Please wish me luck, and I look forward to sharing the next leg of my journey with you!

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